At Inter State, we specialize in bulk liquid transportation, delivering across India as well as to our neighbouring countries. With a fleet of 300-400 owned and attached vehicles, we provide reliable transportation services for a variety of materials, including white edible oils, chemicals like Methanol, Emulsion, Cyclo-pentene, and Acid Slurry, as well as LPG, Butane 1, Proylene, Propane, Butadine, and C4.

Our fleet varies from SS tanks of 24KL to 40KL to Gas trailers of 18MT to 21MT. We are focused on moving our fleet’s adherence to the latest emission standards and are constantly replacing and adding in latest vehicles. We have a large presence in the South – East – North Eastern – North regions. And have also established a presence in the West – North corridor.

We take pride in our commitment to providing high-quality services. We ensure on-time delivery of your order, use digital locks to prevent material pilferage, ensure our tanks are regularly cleaned and serviced, and provide real-time tracking of our vehicles 24/7 to monitor driving behaviour for safe transportation. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure our customers can relax knowing their materials are in good hands.

Serving a large customer base, it is our duty to take every possible step that affects our stakeholders’ welfare and maximise that. We value our drivers as essential members of our team and strive to provide them with a comfortable working environment. Our vehicles are equipped with AC cabins, and we provide cashless advance payments to avoid any delays in movement. We also settle trip expenses promptly to avoid leaving any distressed drivers on the road and provide insurance policies for medical claims. At Inter State, we are committed to providing reliable and safe transportation services with a focus on customer satisfaction and driver well-being.

List of Products


  • Under gases we deal in LPG, Butane 1, Proylene, Propane, Butadine and C4.
  • The capacity of tankers for gases are 18MT and 21MT with 1 MT being 1000 kg.


  • The company deals in transport of white edible oils and has received the license of FSSAI.
  • Oils include castor seed oil, coconut oil, linseed oil, palm oil, PFAD, RBD Palm Oil, Refined
    Soyabean Oil, Rice Bran oil, Sesame oil, soya crude.
  • Tankers are available in various sizes.


It specializes in transportation of Methanol, Acetic Acid, Acetone , Formalin, Linear Alkylbenzene, Acid Slurry, Mixed Xylene, Solvents, Naptha, Exxsol D-8, Exxsol KD-80, Phenol, C-9, C10, Chryso AMA, Bentone SP Oil, Cyclopentane, MEK, Butyl Acetate, MIBK, Sodium Silicate, Bio-Diesel, Toluene, Emulsion, N-Butanol etc, to name a few.