Inter State Oil Carrier Ltd. is widely acknowledged as a leading transporter of bulk liquids and gases in India today with a strong presence in the Eastern Region. Our vehicles are easily spotted in the East to West, East to North and East to South corridors and vice versa. Our versatile and dedicated bulk liquid carrier fleet includes single and multi-compartment tankers, SS Tankers, and the newly introduced stateof-the-art integrated tanker trailers with high end facilities.

We aspire to grow aggressively into a National player by adding up new plying corridors to build up trans-country networks. We believe in applying progressive thinking by adopting technological innovations and environmental responsibility along with traditional values of hard work and honesty.


Born as a Partnership Entity named Interstate Oil Carriers in 1971 in the able hands of our Founder Chairman Mr. Shanti Lal Jain , Interstate has grown steadily over years and crossed different important milestones acquiring and developing apt infrastructure and resources on PAN India basis across the supply chain corridor where it operates, to meet the new and dynamic industry challenges.

Our fleet supported by our dedicated outsourced services covering East-West, East- South and East North corridors has a long history in road transport of bulk liquid cargo since it commenced operations back in 1971, a time when the industry was in its pioneering days and lot different to what it is today.


Today, under the able leadership of our young and dynamic Managing Director(MD), Mr. Sanjay Jain , Interstate Oil Carrier Ltd. is marching ahead strongly.

India has emerged as the fastest growing economy today and even crossed over the mighty Chinese in the GDP growth race . The country is now in the midst of the massive infrastructural growth drive and with the "Make in India" drive of the Indian Government taking exponential leaps , industrial and infrastructural growth is going to skyrocket . Transportation is a direct function to GDP growth of a country and therefore is going to play a very important role in this huge growth movement. As an integral part of that movement we believe that efficient and innovative transportation is the need of the hour and we are inclined and towards providing optimum logistics solutions in line with the same.


Interstate MD, Mr. Sanjay Jain, is the first one to tell you that without safety initiatives you might as well give the game away, and he stands by his views steadfastly and is continually looking at ways to up the ante.

He is involved in both the company and the business with passion, placing safety first and coupling it with efficiency, environmental care and a desire for customer satisfaction through the delivery of value-added services across Customer business sectors.

"We operate in a very competitive world and it is very important that we look for ways to do things better and smarter rather than harder, and improve our performance right across the business. We look for blue-chip customers and we deliver blue-chip services," Sanjay says with conviction .


Mr. Shanti Lal Jain


Mr. Sanjay Jain

Managing Director

Mr. Sunil Shah

Independent Director

Mr. Nand Kumar Bhatter

Independent Director

Mrs. Pooja Sarda

Independent Director

We vouch to drive transparency in our transactions with integrity, responsibility, and Timely Service Delivery as our prime movers, develop a deep sense of everlasting trust with our stakeholders through strong partnership build-up, use the 4 decades of our deep industrial experience in bulk liquid logistics and product supply chain knowledge added with innovation and modern supply Chain tools, resources and techniques to provide Sustainable and cost optimised supply chain consultation and solutions to our esteemed customers with unmatched sense of responsibility to build customer satisfaction & goodwill.

We aspire to grow our operations aggressively into a trans Country logistic route network and drive all business endeavours with the ethos of a win-win business proposition for our stake holders. We aim to deliver result-oriented services to our customers, thereby achieve sustainability and drive profitability on one hand and maintain Stakeholder satisfaction on the other.

With almost 50 years in operation, Interstate has put a huge number of kilometres under its wheels and there are plenty more to come.

New initiatives have been designed to promote safety and professionalism, increase efficiencies and maintain the significant profile in bulk liquid transport will continue as part of the future plan.

We endeavour regularly to bring in new innovative methods and infrastructure to propel service improvements